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Welcome to Flying Words, Jon and Aileen's blog of our adventures in South Korea! We will be in South Korea for a year, starting in mid-July, teaching English in a private school. We just graduated from college this past May, and are looking forward to having some adventures before continuing our education. 
We started this blog to keep all our family and friends updated and to share our photos and stories. We hope this is entertaining for you! We will miss you all, and are very thankful to have the internet to keep us in touch. 

Monday, August 11, 2008

Jimbjilbang and dak-galbi (style of cooking)


I promise I have not forgotten about you all! This weekend was a crazy weekend, most of the good stuff happened on Sunday. Well, I found some Aussies, Brits, Canadian, and other US people who let me join in on some soccer. Aside from being grossly out of shape, and much much smaller than everyone else, I thought I did alright. That was until I got sick from the mid day heat and all the running. But the chaps all had great accents and were a lot of fun on the turf.

It turns out, one of our mates wife had invited Aileen and I to the spa to hang out with other foreign English teachers. The spa, aka Jimbjilbang , that we went to was called Orchestra. And for those how are visiting, this is one place you do not wana miss out on!!! Aside from the nudity among the same sex pools, the spas and jets and all were crazy cool. The guys section was on the second floor, the women were on the third, and then there was a fourth floor were the gals and guys can mingle. (No worries, all must be clothed in this section). Up on this part of the spa is food, TV's places to sleep and awesome sauna rooms, one of which we nicknamed the oven. You would walk in and it would be like a stone pizza oven... around 105+ degrees... most people only sat in there for about 2-5 mins... ya that hot. Then there were varying degrees down to a room that had ice crystles growing on the walls.

After that we went out to dinner and a bar. Jeonju def. has the best food I've ever eaten. And, although the main course is typically pricy, you get tons of food for free. Anyway that's all for now, I have classes. Cheers to you all. Thanks for reading.


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dude! Sorry I haven't hit you up in a while...getting ready to apply for the sheriff's department in a coupla months. Here's the e-mail: jiukumite@hotmail.com Hope to hear from you soon brother...you are greatly missed!