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Friday, May 28, 2010

aaaand I'm back! On a completely different adventure

Another year, another trip. But this time, it's to somewhere I figured I wouldn't get to for awhile: Europe. European vacations always seemed so, well, expensive. And to be honest a little boring. Just not the bang-for-the-buck I'm looking for at this point in my not-so-well-financed, spending-all-my-money-on-education life. When I'm older, I said. When I have a job.

But then I started law school, and got really interested in international criminal law. War crimes prosecutions. Transitional justice. So, when my school offered a month-long study abroad trip to The Hague, The Netherlands, which is the epicenter of international law, I couldn't resist. So I'm not exactly on a European vacation. I'll have classes, and a lot of reading. But I'll still explore. Who needs sleep?

So now I'm in Heathrow Airport in London, on standby because my flight from DC last night had to wait on the runway for 3 hours in a thunderstorm...it was kinda cool! But I was seriously glad we weren't in the air. But I missed my connection to Brussels (that was supposed to be a connection to Amsterdam but British Airways people are on strike so that flight got cancelled), so now I'm on standby for another. Then I can take a train from Brussels to The Hague.

But let me tell you, if you have a choice when flying out of DC, don't fly out of Dulles unless you can afford to not take public transportation. First, you have to go across the whole Metro system including switching at Metro Center which SUCKS at rush hour when I had to do it when you have a suitcase, backpack and garment bag like I did. Also, on the Metro this stupid guy in a suit and carrying a tiny briefcase got on and pointed at the seat next to me, which my backpack and garment bag were on, essentially signalling that he was demanding to sit there. Legitimately, I was taking up 2 seats. But I think there were other seats open and even if there weren't, he can stand up for a few stops! I took my sweet time arranging my stuff and then stood up w/ my backpack on, leaving the other stuff on the seat. Jerk. Then the bus to the airport was about 75% full of commuters going to a park-and-ride lot near the airport (which another bus went to...I overheard them talking)...So the commuters with NO luggage took up all the seat while there were 4-5 of us standing with suitcases and backpacks etc.

Well, I'd better go see if I can get on this flight...wish me luck!!

*UPDATE: I got a seat! Yay! Off to Belgium for a hot minute, then The Hague!

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Matome Stephen Ramuelo said...

Wow....this is exciting....I wanna see Amsterdam through your eyes; and I wouldn't mind seeing even the long briefs that you have to read.
I bet it is lots of fun, eh?
Dana still cries every time she thinks of you. So, make sure you visit the East soon; I am sure you will find the legal procedures interesting.
On another note, South Africa hosting the World Cup makes me swell with pride